Law Firms

Your Practice Depends On It

With an ever-growing and more competitive environment, lawyers need to be able to access their client files from anywhere.  Clients are expecting more availability than every before – let’s give it to them.


When cloud computing was first pitched to law firms, most deemed it unworkable. Storing client data on someone else’s servers, in an unknown location no less, was inconceivable. Now, legal organizations have gone from cautiously reconsidering the cloud to embracing its possibilities.

This drastic evolution occurred within a span of five years.  As some pioneering law firms began to successfully take their applications and storage to the cloud, others came around to the idea. Now, the legal industry is not asking so much whether it should make the move, but how best to do it.

The Changing Environment

Lawyers today are increasingly practicing law outside a traditional office. They’re also now using a variety of devices to get their jobs done (e.g., laptops, smartphones, tablets). Unfortunately, this can create access and performance, security, technical support, disaster recovery, and other issues for law firms.

DirectDesk offers law firms a full suite of cloud services and virtual workspaces. These solutions make it easy for a law firm’s staff to securely access their existing applications and data anytime, anywhere, and on any device—providing them with a truly mobile law office.

The Legal Difference

More importantly, law firms can take comfort in knowing DirectDesk:

Isn’t it time for you to join the cloud?

DirectDesk provides a full suite of cloud-based virtual services for the next generation of business.

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