Cloud Phone

Smart Phones for Every Size Business

From Virtual Receptionist to Ring Anywhere, we’ve curated over 50 features designed to help you run your business more efficiently while helping your look your most polished and professional.

The Last Phone System You’ll Ever Need

Cloud Phone gets rid of your cumbersome phone system and puts it right where you want it – somewhere else.  You aren’t in the business of maintaining hardware and software, detecting long distance port scams and keeping up with the latest technology.  That’s where we come in.

Don’t Buy New Phones

Cloud Phone works with any mobile or landline phones you already have – but the real magic is when you use is a SIP phone.  Instantly customizable and never outdated, SIP phones provide you with all the familiarity of a traditional handset but the expandability of the cloud.

Virtual Receptionist

Our virtual receptionist can answer, route and play messages automatically.  Want a menu to guide your callers?  No problem, we offer unlimited menus (press ocho for Spanish).  Find yourself answering the same questions all the time?  Allow callers to get your office hours and directions.

Never Listen to Voicemail Again

All of your voicemails are transcribed and sent directly to you by email.  Don’t waste time listing to messages when you can just glance at them.

Call Management Features

Phone Switch Features:

Calling Features:


Isn’t it time for you to join the cloud?

DirectDesk provides a full suite of cloud-based virtual services for the next generation of business.

Everything you need from virtual desktops, servers and the most sophisticated cloud-based phone system on the planet. We can migrate your business to the cloud quickly and safely.