Cloud Desktop

Flat-Rate, Enterprise Ready Cloud Desktops

What is the Cloud Desktop?

Desktop Cloud is a global, highly secure, enterprise-ready, turnkey, virtual desktop service that combines the power of DirectDesk with your Microsoft and custom applications. Now, you can deploy hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 virtual desktops anywhere on the planet – fast.

Supercharge your business

No more expensive hardware and software upgrades.  No need to purchase, setup and ship devices to your remote workers.

Feels like your local PC…but blazing fast!

DirectDesk brings spectacular performance right to your screen and takes no space on your hard drive.   We ensure that your users experience fast file read/write times with instant screen rendering.  Never worry about data corruption or loss, even if your connection to the cloud is interrupted

Isn’t it time for you to join the cloud?

DirectDesk provides a full suite of cloud-based virtual services for the next generation of business.

Everything you need from virtual desktops, servers and the most sophisticated cloud-based phone system on the planet. We can migrate your business to the cloud quickly and safely.