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City Law Firm Beats the Snow

Baltimore, MD, February 21, 2003 — It was business as usual for Cohen & Swanson, P.C. during the worst snowstorm ever recorded in Baltimore. Troy Swanson recently replaced his law firm’s aging computer systems with directDesk service by ConvergentWorks. Now, Swanson’s partners, associates, and administrative staff can work as effectively from home as they can from the office.

“I was looking for a better way to administer and protect my computer system without sacrificing productivity. Changes in federal and state laws require that we take affirmative steps in protecting and maintaining our client’s privacy and protecting their information. The cost for a small firm to ensure that these measures are taken, by utilizing on site administrative support was prohibitive. Our hardware and software costs alone were expensive, not to mention ensuring that frequent tape back ups, virus and other software updates were actually being done,” said Swanson.

“directDesk solved all of these problems for us. The staff at ConvergentWorks centralized all of our data using thin system technology eliminating the need for the central processing unit that sits by my desk. We have also eliminated any need for new servers or new system and network software,” he added.

ConvergentWorks follows the NSA Systems and Network Attack Center guidelines report (CR-051R-00) for security purposes and employs state of the art virus protection hardware and software. Swanson personally evaluated the security of the ConvergentWorks site. “I have observed the ConvergentWorks Staff and their system and am very confident that my information is kept private and secure,” he noted.

“One of the side benefits of directDesk is that it allows safe, centralized remote access. We had fully productive work days in spite of the record snowfall. We functioned as a team even though some of us couldn’t get to the office,” Swanson added. His administrative staff can work from home while communicating with the office by telephone. They can process documents scanned at the office, create and edit documents for the associates, and even fax documents as though they were physically present.

directDesk is a product of ConvergentWorks, LLC. directDesk captures the economy of scale enjoyed by Fortune 500 firms and makes it available to solo, small, and mid-sized firms.

 directDesk is a complete business solution that delivers managed technology services to lawyers and other professionals. It provides low cost, secure, highly available, responsive information technology as a service rather than as a set of technical products. Its remote access features allow users access their computer desktop from any location over the Internet or private telephone connections. directDesk users will never have to buy new hardware to keep up with technology. All system management functions are included: security, data back up, software and hardware upgrades and 24/7 support. In short it is: computing on demand. That's really the vision behind the product.

ConvergentWorks is a Baltimore based firm. directDesk was launched in November of last year.

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