ConvergentWorks delivers Virtual Hosted Desktops to our clients the way Fortune 1000 firms deliver it to their business units. We understand the impact of technology on your company’s operations, people and strategies and we free you from the worries inherent in the management of that technology. You benefit from the actual business value of computing.

We started thinking about the values of “Faster, Better, Cheaper” and decided that with true innovation we could achieve them. We then added “Flexibility” and produced a breakthrough. We can enhance data security and availability to your critical applications while integrating critical business continuity and giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere with security and privacy

As your strategic partner ConvergentWorks supports your business strategy with quality IT services while you run your business. We make sure that you remain focused on developing and implementing the business models, processes, and relationships that support your business value proposition. At the same time we free up a significant amount of capital which is currently locked into your IT resources.